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 Blog 15  –  My Creatin’ Contest 2021 build Part 2 As always I seem to get an idea as a whole…..I can see what I’d like the finished build to look like.  Obviously, things get added and subtracted, especially as I learn what I can and can’t achieve!  But generally I have an overall look in my head and I print out pictures that somewhat match that look to have as inspiration. For my Magic Library I knew I wanted the look of a centuries-old, paneled, beautiful, classic library look.  I tossed up whether to do a false wall to give the impression that it goes on and on, but decided against it as it was going to be hard to fit everything I wanted in as it was without wasting space. One item that was high on my priories list was the ceiling.  When oogling over Pinterest I realised that most centuries-old, fabulous spaces had painted or carved ceilings.  My trip to the UK in 2017 saw me craning my neck every time we entered an old building as the ceilings were always astounding – even i

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