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 Blog 8 – Little Red Cottage: Part 1 I fell in love with a 1:12 scale doll last year (2020), who kept popping up in my Instagram feed.   She was a beautiful older hippy doll, Impi, made by Minna from Minna Miniatures in Finland.   After months of drooling, I finally plucked up the courage to ask Minna if she would make an Impi for me, similar to her hippy flower-child.   Minna is so approachable and is an amazing doll artist and miniaturist.   Her Etsy shop shows the fantastic reviews her work has received although she doesn’t create in vast quantities.   Thankfully Minna was happy to produce an Impi doll for me, dressed similarly to her own lovely hippy lady.   Only a couple of weeks later (amazingly fast in these slow postage Covid times) I had not only my Impi doll, but two kitset dolls also from Minna – Hugo and Hilda.   I assembled Hugo and Hilda and dressed them – then renamed them Paavo and Anneli.   Paavo is the equivalent of Paul and I named him for my very dear Uncle who

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